Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another pose of 'Puput' in sleeping action

pose 1
pose 2
pose 3


Baby (Lisa Lisa and the Cat Jam) said...

Very funny poses! Thanks for coming over to our blog to say hello.

CCL Wendy said...

Puput is so cute with his head under his arm like that! What a little sweetie!

I am Wendy from Wendy's LOLSpot responding to your comment. Unfortunately, it isn't possible for me to teach you what I do as far as the captions go. It is just the way my mind works.

However, as far as the pictures go, I belong to the Cat Blogosphere at
which is a cat blogging community.
I have obtained permission from some of the bloggers to use their pictures.

I then go to icanhasCheezburger at to make the LOLs. They have what they call a LOL-Builder. It is on the Home Page, the last orange tab.
It will bring you to Step 1 which allows you to Upload your picture. Once it is uploaded, it will appear on the lower half of the page and you can caption it and then save it on your own computer.

To maintain your own page you should register on the site first.

You will likely have to play with the site a little bit to become comfortable with it. That's about all I can tell you.

Good luck!

curator said...

Puput, you are a lovely it hard to keep cool in Indonesia?

Deborah said...

Hi again! I'm sure I just jumped off as soon as I logged on...I post from my office!
Thanks again for the reminder! You have very cute posts!