my cat is watching TV

chiki the male cat is watching tv program that in trending in my country, chiki doesn't want to miss it just for one episode..😁..

my cat called chiki have some fun actions at home, this time chiki is looking seriously watching tv like human, please take a look that picture, chiki is watching a soap opera that is became a trending topic in my country..

Cat and Rabbit friendship forever

Bubu is a rabbit with gray hair color that is always make friends with all the cats in our house, in different times, The friendships of bubu with them will be discribed with these above pictures.. 

Bubu with Puput 

Bubu with Mbib (Bibu)

Bubu with Mimi Ocil

Bubu with Chiko

They used to play together on the terrace of the house, bubu the rabbit usually who begins the game by attaching his body to the rabbit and the game is on ...

There are a few tips for building friendship between different types of pets like the story above, the first thing is try to introduce them since they were small, or one of them is still small, so there is no competition between them, that's what we do in our home, I wish it will useful for you someday..
Then, try to gather  them together in every day at least every morning about one hour to play together, that will make them are more familiar each other ..

always together chiko n chiki

these two brother n sister are son and daughter of 'mimi ocil' their mother, they have two different hair color, chiki the big brother with yellow stripes of hair like a little tiger, and chiko the sister with black and white stripes in her chest and legs like wearing a sock.. here they are..

Mimi Bocil


Big Sister Bibu

Keep Duck as Pet at home??

hi guys, I want to share short story from my niece called uchi, she choice the ducks to be pets at home..
the story beginning here.. but still in indonesian language..

Pada bingung gasii kenapa ko gue bisa ada kepikiran mau melihara bebek. Jadi tu awalnya gua ngeliat di tiktok video anak bebek gituu lucuu bangett, orang luar negeri sih yang melihara dan bebek itu tuh dibawa jalan” naik mobil gemes bgt gasii?? makanya gue jadi kepengen melihara bebek tuhh

Daissy n Muffin with Tom tom

babies duck

action pics of the Mimi ocil Families..

Another style and action from the cats..
rest after get fedding
waiting door opened to playing outside
sleeping together

little bibu
chiko preparing to sleep at night

chiki n chiko still babies

next generation of our cat

 chiki n chiko are two bro n sis of Ocil the mother.. 

mbib 'Bibu' is a big sister of chiko n chiki..

The mother called 'Mimi Bocil' the whity beauty cat.. isn't it

Puput 'Cat' and Bubu 'Rabbit' chatting in the morning

Puput the cat and Bubu the rabbit always meet, chat and get breakfast in the morning, here their action.. Hmm what are they talking about?

Puput and the Igu, Red Iguana in the morning

While puput get washing and cleaning it's hair, igu the Red Iguana get breakfast with vegetables.. Yummy.. Do you want some...

#10 years challenge

Puput the white of himalayan persian has made the ten years challenge of its life with love and love..

my cat is watching TV

chiki the male cat is watching tv program that in trending in my country, chiki doesn't want to miss it just for one episode..😁.. my ca...