Thursday, February 4, 2010

Alligator Belida Fishes

There are two Alligator fishes and two Belida fishes in this tank, although both of the different specied of these fishes are joined into a tank, they can live without being threatened by the other, their food is meal fish ‘Selar’, chopped into some small slices in order to help these fishes could enter it into their mouths which is small also, we fed them about three pieces of meal fish in a day

The Blue Mori Fishes

In this aquarium some blue mori fishes were merged into one tank, totally about fiveteen fishes with the size close to equal, there were five fishes already died because of competition for food hunting, but now they could adapt well, these kind of fishes are highly vulnerable to stress, and could have died without unknown caused, these fishes should be treated with careful and caution, because they are very slow in growth to achieve the maximum size ..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Parot Fish in the Nigth

Look at this picture, taken at night, parot fish move very active in the night, they swim anywhere and look like to kissing each other, can eliminate the saturation of eyes when observing the behavior of this fish, the fish are cute and friendly so easily combined with other types of fish. .

The Amazing Piranha Jardini Papua

You still remember this fish Jardini Arwana from Papua? Here it is, now the body length is approximately 60 cm, with silver color and batik patterns on the scales and sparkling, become faster in moving, also more aggressive, we fed this fish with some slices of fish meal, but the head of meal fish should be separated, at the bottom of the aquarium is preferably not placed rocks, because these will make the fish have difficulty to take the food when the food fell down to the bottom tank..

The Pirates Piranha

The group of Piranha fish which now had been moved to a larger tank for faster growth and equity of size, we added two piranha in one months again, they are totally eight piranha fishes inside the new tank and ready to prey with the teeth like a saw, these fish are always clustered in the prey, we fed them with meal fish( selar)about 4 fish meal daily, Arwana is very sensitive when approached, we should be carefully when change and clean the water of tank..