Saturday, December 4, 2010

How to care green iguana

Some tips to care green iguanas;
1. The  cage should be always in good air circulation, 
    including have enough space for the iguanas to
2. They should be bathed in the  morning and then  
    dried in the sun between  08:00 to 10:00 pm,  
    exceptl  in the rainy season according to the  
3. The food must be replaced frequently  when there  
    are already  have signs of decay, especially fruits 
    and vegetables
4. Iguana's cage should  be considered to be always 
    clean, the bottom of the cage must have lattice  
                                                                                        grid  for declining iguana's feces and food scraps

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Anonymous said...

Nice little blog! I used to keep Green Iguana's amongst other reptiles. They make fantastic pets and can become very tame, mine was called Iggy. A couple of points from my experience of keeping them that i would like to add.

1. Ensure your Iguana is getting enough vitamins by using specialist viatmin suppliment powders that you can sprinkle on the food.

2. Iguana's love to exorcise buy a small cat or dog harness and take them for a walk occasionally.