Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New comer

There are two new comers in this yard, there is a smart “beo” bird called the black Ben, Isn’t it a fun name for it, Ben always say a greeting word in the early morning.. Assalammualaikum.. (greating word), ada tamu.. (somebody is coming) etc, event ben can laught loudly too, Ha ha ha.. ben likes to eat fish cake and some fruits such as bananas, papayas etc, we like you ben. There is still another a beauty feather bird from parrot family bird, We call it here parkit bird, called The Kid because Kid still a young bird, about one years old, The Kid is very like to eat fruits, such as bananas, apel, papaya, tomatos and drink a cup of milk, o yea… hehehe, I’m thinking how come The kid find a cup of milk in the jungle??? hehe… do you have any comment?? Please wait for the picture of them..

Whity has gone

Breakingnews.. .. It's a short sad story about the “whity” the white gourame fish that make close friend with shiro the turtle??. Do you still remember whity?? I hope so, But now I should to inform you all, that Whity has gone forever, Whity exposed to the disease in the stomach so that puffed up without known what the reason, how pity is whity, but whity still struggle to move and swim with a weak body, assisted by a rubber belt that turned around the body and hanging up so that its position always stand up and would not rolling, that could be done to sustain the body, unfortunatetly I forgot to take a picture when whity have painfull and hanging up, which may became an inspiration in finding a way out how to make a treatment for a sick and weak fish, but whity can only survive in 3 days before death, how poor the whity ...