Friday, November 21, 2008

Shiro and the Whity Gurame

Here they are shiro the turtle and it friend the whity gurame fish. Please take a look at the picture, the whity gurame fish always hiding behind the water filter, very shy fish.. but still beauty, Isn't it? Well.. I hope you will agree with me some day..

The White Ghost Catfish

This is the white ghost catfish or called "lele fish" in Indonesia, it has already two years here, we called it "lele albino". Because this kind of fish is usually black, but it can live here together with the other kind of fish within a pond . They eat fishmeal (called pelet) and the rest of food that has meat smelling. Lele fish has a good strength to be able to survive in the shortages of water conditions, by taking refuge in the mud during the dry season...

The Little Shy dragon

This is the little shy dragon, named with "drage' from the word "dragon". Drage is the little iguana lived here since two years ago, still young, tame, tend to be shy and always covering the eyes when touched, but very exotic pet with the green light body. Drage like fresh vegetables and some fruits to eat..

Tambah Gambar

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

blue mori (malawi blue dolphin)

Blue mori fish comes from african rivers, precisely from Malawi. This kind of fish have a body shape look like a dolphin fish, also known by the malawi blue dolphin. It's to hard to fine this fish in Indonesia. We have only two blue fish mori here, please to see them on the picture, Isn't it a beauty blue fish? What do you think? We hope you agree with us? They were here about two years, but they aren't growing fastly, still a little fish, easy to get stress and unstable, must be diligent and patient in taking care of the blue mori fish...