Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Wild Piranha

There is a group of wild piranha in a middle size aquarium at my front yard.. They always make a group when moving, especially in hunting a meal to eat, very aggresive and suspecious fishes, not a cool fish like parrot, koi, etc.. But be carreful with your hand when cleaning or changing the water for them.. they will give some bites.. hehehe..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shy Dragon

Here they are The Shy Dragons, Two big are 'Igo' the male, and 'Igi' the female, lived here since six years ago, maybe they are about ten years old now. Iguanas like to eat green vegetables and some fruits such as chinese cabbage (sawi) , kangkong leafs, spinach, cabbage (kol), tomato, carrot, papaya, but they very like to eat bananas, and always waiting for it. They are more than 7 years old now, so that the color of their skin tends to brown. Iggo & Iggi have been laying around 2 years ago, a total amount of 6 eggs, but because of a lack of information, the eggs are left sprawled in a cage until they becoming decay, and no one has crack, so pour. .

We should to spray them with fresh water in the hot weather condition to maintaine the temperature of their body, and clean the cages every week to make the Iguanas have a good health and behavior...