Thursday, September 25, 2008

The predator army's

The Predator army consist of tiger fish, red tail cat fish, alligator spotted gar, two of belidas and tapa fish (original Indonesian river fish). We feed them with little fish, fresh fish slices, cricket, frozen worm, also give them with slices of meat, meatballs, or all of fish/meat flavoured, hmm.. very delicious..

The koi,s dancing

null All the fish koi that was gathering are the friend of shiro the turtle, they swam while dancing the beauty body composed the rythem that was calming for the eyes, most came from Sukabumi, Blitar, but from the heterogenous kind and have lived here for about 5 years more...

shiro the turtle

Shiro is brazilian female turtle. Shiro is three years old more now, She have many friends, but all of them are fishes, there is the a horde of koi fishes , white gurami fish named "whity", a tiger mujair fish, an albino lele fish, a horde of patin fishes, a sapphire fish, a horde of red indigo fishes, and a horde of brooms fishes. They lived free in one pond together.
Shiro have lived here since she was one year old, she was very little and funny in that time, unfortunately we haven't take a picture of little shiro.
Shiro also eats fish meal and named "pelet", two times each day. But we must separated shiro from the others when feeding time in order that she could eat calmly.
There is a funny little story when shiro arrived here. At the first day she try to run off, in the second day she try again, in the third day she feel tired and wary to run off again, hehehe...
Finally, shiro could adapted with her new place and have a lot of friends here, we love you shiro..