Monday, December 22, 2008

The Gobble Fish

The Gobble Fish is a red tailed cat fish, so because it very fast at hunting and swallowing food greedily we called it the gobble, hehehe..
It is an elongated catfish with a rounded snout. Three pairs of barbels are located around the mouth. The base body color is light black and little dark spots can be seen on the head. A wide, white band extends from the caudal penuncle to the tip of the snout. The belly is black, as are the fins. The caudal fin is a stunning red color. The upper tip of the dorsal fin may be orange to red.
It has been already three years since arrived here, we put it together with all the predators in one big aquarium as we told the story about "The Predators" at the beginning archive posted before.

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