Thursday, December 18, 2008

Papua Silver Arwana

This kind of fish are from the eastern region of Indonesia (Papua), so more familiar with Papua Arwana. They have a slightly different form than their colleagues the Kalimantan arwana silver, their shape tend to be smaller and shorter, but more aggressive, so that should be kept apart in a separate aquarium, because if it is placed with a Kalimantan silver or the other fishes in the same aquarium, it will attack them aggressively, and will make stress for the others. We feed the Arwana silver Papua same as like Silver Arwana Kalimantan, such as a pieces of fresh fish, frogs, and the braid, mmm yummy... This fish is very fast in hunting a food. Their scales will shine if we give some ray of ultra violet light, very interesting and beauty. They have been here since more than two years ...

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